Health and wealth

Who do you love most: themselves or loved ones around you? Strange question, is not it? Strange, but timely. Because if you love your family more than himself, it means that you give them more time than myself. And remember myself in the last moment. Vam need to go to the doctor, but your husband asks you to go shop with him, “Spare parts”, because he was bored one. What will you choose? 95% of women will choose a trip to avoid offending her husband, and so on. But why do you insult yourself? Why does not care about your health, so do not care for him about that? Now imagine how much it will cost you treatment if you missed preventive osmotry. Pomnite that your financial well-being depends largely on how you think and what you think. Taking care of your body and spirit is essential for achieving, managing and owning bogatstvom. Kak you are going to meet their financial goals, if you have something constantly hurts? What should I do? 1. Select the days for a medical examination. Write in your calendar. Ideally, these days have to go right after your birthday. It will be a reminder that it’s time you take care of themselves. Can you remind her friends that they too must take care of sebe.2. As I have already suggested, do exercises, or sign up to the gym and start zanimatsya.3. Accomplish as much as possible hiking at least once or twice a week. I choose for this purpose at the weekend. True, the first remake all the chores. But then come out of the house and, for example, subway South-West Metro to October. By the way, not very far. Believe me. Of course, you can start with the smaller tracks, but ideally it would be better to walk passed the green zone, ie in the forest in the park, but if such islands of nature with you not around, you can do as I do, just walk through the streets. Can one, as you can with a friend. During the walk, if the two of you, then talk about how you’re going to get rich if you are one, try to enter into the image of a rich man, you can read or listen to the affirmations mentally good relaxing music. It’s like you want. Most importantly, more hodit.Pomnite, your well-being depends on you and your health. Start now to take care of yourself!

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